Public Space

Deeply rooted in the site, let us return to the perspectives of ecology, culture, society and human that offer an integrated solution to urban issues and make its development sustainable and organic.

AUBE achieves the improvement of the land, architecture, city, region and human life through enthusiasm of creativity and problem-driving design approaches to stimulate and generate self-potential and uniqueness of the place. We not only pursue aesthetics, function and social value, but also care about sustainable environmental development, together with emphasis on research and feasibility from the aspects of system and details.

Community Space

Focus on people. Focus on family. Focus on how people live in the nature and the community. And focus on the ideal of life.

AUBE explores the inner needs of its customer groups with a humble and keen design attitude, which takes people as the core and space as the medium. We respect the nature and local environments, respond to the place, culture and life with goodness, and materialize life scenes and spiritual experiences. From society to community, and then to social groups, we construct the ideal human communal ecology .