Urban Design

Create the core urban functional area with priority of ecological civilization, with format integration of industries and the city, with multi-dimensional development and with prominent intellectual property images.

AUBE takes the urban landscape framework as the foundation of public spaces in core urban functional areas and constructs the urban ecological background to communicate between human and the nature. We value the connection of urban functional groups in regional areas, the anchoring of industrial function formats of the core areas, and the examination of city scales and proportions, in order to shape distinctive urban spatial forms.

Urban Renewal

Rationalize and improve the efficiency of existing spatial resources of built-up and partially built-up areas to comprehensively upgrade the quality of the city.

AUBE fully acknowledges the new social needs. We seek to provide solutions to significant issues regarding urban existing spatial resources that involve function improvement, environment enhancement and feature remodeling with the application of comprehensive urban design approaches, so as to comprehensively improve the quality and unveil the value of the city.


Create cultural and recreational destinations that respect the local context, make the spirit of the place, embody the all-for-one tourism and meet the demand for the market as well as the future.

AUBE thoroughly interprets factors including regional culture and history, economic development and site characteristics, employs the overall design concept of integrating urban strategy, urban planning and multi-disciplinary design, so as to make a place for cultural tourism that is supported by connotation of the site. In addition, the place will be able to undertake the tourism resources and clues of a larger area, reflecting the development direction of the all-for-one tourism, which better adapts to the future market and vision of cultural tourism.