AUBE provides solutions for high-density living in urban cores by integrating multi-dimension spaces of commercial, office, cultural, residential and related services to reshape the neighborhood culture.

AUBE identifies the core of residential design as the making of home experience. We apply design approaches with exquisite precision to make the most effective use of space in order to produce a feeling of home, which not only includes a unique plan arrangement but also emphasizes more on the creation of overall public space and the integration of neighborhood culture, especially in a high-density environment.


Among all the greatness of art, let the architecture that advocates ‘the principle of individuality’ become the singer of the ‘world of existence’.

AUBE breaks away from the stereotyped classification of ‘cultural, sports and educational architecture’; instead, we delve into the various transformations of the ‘competitive essence’ in the prototype of ‘theater academy’, and truly reveal its inherent and supreme function of ‘cultural, sports and educational’ in ‘architecture’.


Achieve supply-side innovation of the energy-plus architecture, and contribute to the development of smart cities.

AUBE regards people as the core element and space as the services. By combining the land, enterprise, industry, environment and society to match the multi-level needs of the subject’s full life cycle, we are able to achieve the design flexibility which adapts to the ever-changing production organization and creates active service carriers, and thus stimulate innovation with creativity.