Shenzhen Yunhai School

With the continuous Wutong Mountain on its west and the meandering Yantian coastline on its southeast, the design of Yunhai School dedicates it architectural form and content to bridging the two. With complex existing terrain and great height differences on site, the scheme also focuses on how to organically integrate the landform with the architecture.

The design responds to the unique natural and urban environment of the project through the control of its volume and materiality. By adopting a fa?ade design vocabulary of horizontal and vertical elements, the building is able to echo its surroundings. In addition, the materiality of the fa?ade also emphasizes its close connection with the nature, aspiring to achieve beyond the common architectural language of monotonous glass curtain wall. Warm natural materials and the sense of solidity are also instilled into the fa?ade design by those elegant louvres, which can also highlight the clearness and robustness of the glass with greater intervals. Ultimately, the final result creates a unified architectural appearance to perform in perfect harmony with the style of the school.

Project Location: Yantian District, Shenzhen

Client: Shenzhen Yantian District Education Bureau

Main Function: School

Gross Floor Area: 29,737.29㎡

Design | Completion Time: 2013|2019