Pingshan Cultural Center

Located in the new administrative district of Pingshan in the northeast of Shenzhen, with Banyuehuan Crescent Central Park on its west and Danzi Avenue on its south, Pingshan Cultural Center, a key cultural facility highly valued by the local government of Pingshan District, is dedicated to establishing a new cultural landmark in eastern Shenzhen with quality humanistic spaces. The building complex spans from south to north, covering an area of over 70,000 ㎡ with a variety of cultural functions including theater, gallery, exhibition hall, cultural center, library, book mall and cinema.

Each building of the complex is highly recognizable with an overall architectural style. If the entire project is regarded as a cultural aircraft carrier and then the iconic Library is the control tower. Whilst the twisting form of the Library demonstrates a sense of contemporaneity, its exposed structure provides the building with solar shading. On the premise of embodying citizenship, the architecture creates a versatile elevated outdoor space for the public.

In shape of a vertical “L”, the Gallery offers its south side facing the event plaza to be a poster wall, and its cantilevered top level also provides the lower floors and roof deck with pleasant shadings. In shape of a horizontal “L”, the Exhibition Hall floats above the ground by three or four floors’ height, creating an enjoyable event venue for urban spaces below it. The Activity Center is planned with a north-south linear layout, which in combination with its outdoor platforms will form an agreeable space for people to enjoy in the open air.

The facade is composed of concrete panels with glass curtain wall system adopted in some areas. The openings on the west elevation mainly follow the corresponding internal functions to make a more low-key overall image of the architecture. The fa?ade design also combines the shading system with LED display devices to both reveal and perform at the same time.

The ground floor of the building is partially elevated, introducing the city square of the Crescent Park adjacent to the east boundary into the bottom level of the architecture, creating a charming gray space that agrees perfectly with the subtropical climate.

With the completion of the new landmark of Pingshan Cultural Center and the opening of high-quality cultural venues including Pingshan Library, Gallery and Grand Theater, the new cultural high ground in eastern Shenzhen is gradually taking shape, which will please those who are near and attract those who are far away.