Zhengzhou E-Commerce Exhibition and Trading Center

Zhengzhou E-Commerce Exhibition and Trading Center is the permanent venue for Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference and the third convention and exhibition facility to be constructed in Zhengzhou. The gross floor area of the project measures 89,000㎡with a rentable indoor exhibition area of 26,000㎡ and an outdoor exhibition area of 27,000 ㎡. There is also a supporting facility center of 15,000㎡ which integrates functions of conference, business and catering, including a conventional banquet hall that can accommodate1,000 people.

Inspired by the Internet, a link to achieve “freedom and equality in global trade” as well as “a true globalization”, the project aspires to symbolize the Silk Road on the Internet. The design extracts the formal elements such as bond and transmission and translates them through architectural approaches to complete a contemporary facade.

The landscape design, in accordance with the building’s functions and layout, forms two sections, the external display interface of the street commercial plaza and the internal courtyard of the leisure green garden, and hence incorporates urban development in depth with living environments to establish a symbiotic relationship and realize the complementary functions of the city and the ecology. The plaza can hold regular exhibitions and fair events based on operational needs, forming an exemplary demonstration of e-commerce in the industry, whilst the park is returned to the public, together with open lawns, benches and tree-lined walkways, to create a rich spatial expression for the place.

Project Location : Zhengzhou, He’nan Province

Client : Henan Bonded Group

Design Scope : Architecture, Landscape

Main Function : Exhibition

Gross Floor Area : 89 000 ㎡

Design / Completion Time : 2018 / To be confirmed