Shenzhen Talent Park

The project is located in Houhai Area, Nanshan, Shenzhen. It is adjacent to Shahe West Road in the east, Keyuan Avenue and Dengliang Road in the west, Haide 3rd Road in the north and Dongbin Road in the south. The park covers an area of 77 hectares, including 31 hectares of lake.

The park is the first park in China with the theme of awarding and motivating talents. The talent element of modern art is an important space characteristic of the park.

The lake's water source comes from the outer sea and the city center river. Its daily housing capacity is about 600,000 cubic meters. By arranging different plants for freshwater wetlands, rain gardens and seawater wetlands a beautiful scenery is formed, which also optimizes the water environment habitat. The flexible vertical design ensures the adaptability of the park to rainwater management in extreme weather conditions. The different scales of space around the waterfront provide a variety of relationship experiences between people and water, realizing people's natural intimacy with water. The park also functions as a theater of time and city life, hosting various acts every day.

A variety of lakeside facilities have become the best place for local citizens to get a close touch with nature, including book bar, exhibition hall, a 2.7-kilometer-long blue jogging track, high-standard shower room, well-designed children's playground, the hydrophilic rocky beach and open lawn. Meanwhile, the park has also provided a good habitat for all kinds of birds. The scattered sandstone beach group on the lake is home to one stopover for migratory birds like pipers on their routes of twice-a-year migration. Bird piles in the lake together with a wide variety of flowering-like plants are also efforts to build a good biological habitat.

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Client: Shenzhen Nanshan District Urban Management Bureau, China Resources Group

Project area: 770,000 ㎡

Design / completion time: 2012 and 2017