Middle School Affiliated to Central Institute of Educational Science in Shenzhen OCT

The long and narrow building in this design is characterized by higher elevation in north and lower elevation in south with a 3.5% slope and a 10 meter difference in height. Therefore horizons are much more broadened when looked back from the south. The various parts of the school are arranged in order from south to north: middle school, public education area, administrative office building, primary school, gymnasium, cafeteria and apartment. Being relatively independent, each part is also closely connected through a variety of platforms and corridors with different elevations. The design follows function plans and existing circumstances as much as possible. In the design, school is located in the southern end of the blueprint: middle school facing the south next to the road, library and administrative office building in the center, primary school in the north (it is placed in the middle of the lengthways line so that all the functional areas are within the radius of the primary school, bringing the slope into full play). The two-story base of the middle school and one-story base of the primary school ensure the building massing on the platform within 3 stories. With 0-meter elevation, activity platform goes through all functional areas in the north-south direction and enables the height of the building to visually reduce to a minimum height. The library and the conference centre stand between the primary school and the middle school. Thanks to the two-storey height, classroom lighting on both sides is fully filled. Its roofing is not only easy to use; as a platform it also provides more outdoor space. Administrative office building is located right ahead of the library. The space in the north and south is closed. The open space in the east and west provides people with continuous natural scenery.

Client: Shenzhen OCT Group

Main function: school

Total floor area: 23000㎡

Design/Completion time: 2001/2003