The Assembly Hall of SUSTC, Shenzhen

Earthwork will be reduced to keep the existing hill mass as much as possible. The lower area of the hill mass will be used to house architecture while as few areas as possible will be dominated by architecture. Comparing three major layout patterns, a linear layout in the south has the most comprehensive advantages in terms of hill mass protection, urban interface, extension of the public area at the campus entrance, as well as use of landscaping resources. From west to east there will be hotel, conference facility and theater. Among the three, hotel function is the most pubic one. The exit and entry reserved in the west will provide comparative transport system for the hotel. Conference is always an indispensable important function of hotel, so a close connection with hotel is important to its layout. Theater will constitute by itself an important factor echoing the campus's "front sitting room", directing the main entrance and architecture cluster in the north.

Client: Southern University of Science and Technology

Main function: theatre, conference

Total floor area: 17800㎡

Design/Completion time: 2015/2019