Liyuan Foreign Language Primary School (North Campus)

Liyuan Foreign Language Primary School (North Campus) is situated at central Futian District in Shenzhen, southeast of the Lianhua Road-Jingtian Road intersection next to Futian CBD. Both the south and west sides are defined by planned roads, and the north and east sides are adjacent to Dimengyuan Community.

For specs of the project, the site area is 8,700.13㎡, the gross floor area is 29,365㎡, above-ground specified floor area is 14,700㎡ (including teaching buildings, teaching supporting facilities, office buildings, living area, etc.) and the underground specified floor area is 3,000㎡(which mainly accommodates functions of the canteen and covered playground). It is planned to accommodate 30 classes with about 1,350 students and over 100 staff.

There is a six-storey teaching building and a playground with a 200m running track on the south side of the campus. Composed of two confronting U-shaped blocks, the teaching building emphasizes the solid-void combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. The atrium, as the core social area and visual focus of the campus, accentuates the solemnity and order in this temple of education, while the staggered stairs and sky galleries create an atmosphere of freedom with fluidity, connectivity and openness.

There are multi-layered greening platforms set up on each floor. The outdoor activity spaces consist of overhanging decks and vertical greening, and the indoor spaces are also reformed into a vertical micro-city for education by challenging the traditional arrangement of classrooms, replacing the monotonous with the interlocking patterns, which is able to encourage the students to social and share, gaining more positive experience in the establishment of interpersonal relationships so as to promote their development in social aspects.

The design aims to break out from the current situation of being in a high-density residential area with a limited site surrounded by existing old buildings, and creates an independent campus that is less disturbed with privacy. In the meanwhile, the school also proposes to revitalize the community with vigor, openness and sense of sharing, stitching together the surrounding buildings with itself from the starting point of the overall environment, in order to reshape the spirit of place in this area.

Client: Shenzhen Tianjun Property Development Co., Ltd.

Main function: school

Total floor area: 29400㎡

Design/Completion time: 2017/2019