New Project of Huangbei Middle School

The designers aim to build a “S.L.O.W.” campus, which will give the residents having a strong body, live thoughts, an eco-friendly environment ( full of O2) and wisdom. Also, students can have beautiful memories in this “S.L.O.W.” campus. The project has introduced a mode of the traditional academy in Canton, it has two oval-like spaces. At the north park of the teaching building and the administration building, a suspended terrace will be built. It will be given the function of corridor and it link the teaching building, the library, the complex, the dorm and the canteen, making them into a combination of spot, lines and spaces. By doing so, designers make it an identical campus and a miniature of the society.

Client: Luohu Public Works Bureau

Main function: school

Total floor area: 23569㎡

Design/Completion: 2016/2020