OCT Sciensly Primary School

OCT Sciensly Primary School is located at the intersection of Shahe East Road and Qiaobei 3rd Street, in the northwest area of Overseas Chinese Town in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. With 36 classes and 1620 school places, the project covers a total site area of about 18,700㎡.

The overall design combines the architectural layout, landscape environment, building functions and spatial geometries to create an academic atmosphere with clear structure, reasonable zoning and pleasant scale. By elevating the bottom floor to a higher level, the height difference on site is integrated as a whole, which resolves the limited space on the ground and thus generates more public spaces for students and staff.

Project Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Client: Shenzhen OCT Group (Delivered to Nanshan District Education Bureau)

Main Function: School

Gross Floor Area: 10,500㎡

Design | Completion Time: 2014|2017