CFC Changfu Center

Located in the core of Futian Bonded Zone and at the end of main north-south axis from Lianhua Mountain to Shenzhen Bay, the building is only one kilometer away from Hong Kong. The project is a group of high-efficient, new, people-friendly super rising and tall office buildings. The design observes urban design requirement of the bonded zone and creates a relatively independent urban space, which makes the project a multi-functional complex of economy and ecology. Currently it is the only over-300-meter high building in the bonded zone. The project is located in a square plot with a side length of 150m, including a 300m-high main tower for office use and a 100m-high minor tower for apartment use. The main tower, of dot type, is perched in the north and the minor tower, of slab type, in the south. It opens on the north-eastern side to a mini park on its north. “Solid, practical and artistic”, the golden rules of a building prescribed in Ten Books on Architecture, are the most appropriate words to describe the buildings which are flat in two dimensions, curved in three dimensions, round outside but square inside and reasonably narrowed on the top. All these features make the project a popular urban cultural space and a landmark of the bonded zone and Shenzhen in the new century.

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Client: Yangfu Industrial (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Main function: office

Land area: 18,800㎡

Total floor area: 206,400㎡

Design/Completion in: 2007/2014