Shenzhen Longhua Cultural and Sport s Center

The project is an integration of stadium, gymnasium, people activity center, recreation plaza and featured commerce. After completion, it will be a group of high-standard public architecture with complete functions in Longhua New District.

With priority on functions of each parts, design adds an slow-rising空中park to the culture and sports center area, which covers the whole land. With well-designed size and independent function, the park makes up local public space system. Plants area flourishing. Various architecture landscape space elements are introduced to the park so as to create various activity experience.

We aim to build a pleasant ring-shaped commercial blocks, an airy park for citizen’s daily life, and a group of ecological and organic culture and sports complex with good operation.

Project name : Shenzhen Longhua Cultural and Sport s Center

Project location : Shenzhen, Guangdong Pr ovince

Client : Preparation Office of Goverment Project of Longhua District, Shenzhen

Main function : gymnasium, na tatorium, childr en's p alace, supporting sports facilities

Total floor area : 108 600 ㎡

Design and completion time : 2017 / 2020