Suzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Suzhou, as the north gateway of Anhui Province, has a long history and plentiful cultural landscape. How can architecture of Bianbei New District of Suzhou stand out from the serotype image of architecture in today’s fast developing urbanization? Lingbi stone from Lingbi county of Suzhou, Anhui Province, is one of the traditional Chinese ornamental stone. It looks thin, creased, airy and penetrable with interconnected holes. It integrates a lot of features such as special shape, various color, pleasant sound when it is struck, beautiful pattern and quality of jade. Lingbi stone tops the list of four famous Chinese scholar rocks (respectively, Lingbi stone, Taihu stone, Kun stone and Yin stone) in artistic conception, aesthetic charm, miraculous beauty and inspiration for people’s inner knowing. Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty bestowed the title of “No. 1 stone in China” to Lingbi stone. Basic shape of the building is achieved through cutting so as to make the exhibition hall and the office area independent from each other while together make a complete architectural image.

History is the basis for lingbi stone, office buildings are expression of the stone, and future is showcased beyond the architecture. Form of the buildings is angular, hard, slim and upright, which highlights Lingbi stone's feature and connotation of being thin.

Exhibition hall is interconnected with courtyard, and scenery varies with different view point. This approach creates a rhythmic internal space. Atrium, patio, balcony and garden are connected in a zigzag way. Space is enriched and various functional units are connected vertically. Modern architecture methods are used to interpret characteristics of Lingbi stone in this project in order to create a cultural landmark with local feature for the new district of Suzhou.

Project location: Suzhou, Anhui Province

Client: Suzhou Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development

Main function: planning exhibition, office

Land area: 2.64h㎡

Total floor area: 11 500㎡

Design/Completion time: 2014/2017