Guiyang Urban and Rural Planning Exhibition Hall

The Town and Country Planning Exhibition Hall showcases the city's past, present and future sites. It is a window of the city. The program is designed to take full account of regional characteristics, continue Guiyang's unique natural landscape and human elements, continue color, texture, style and so on of the surrounding buildings, maintaining the integrity of the regional planning. To adjust to the methods of making a rooftop balcony for an international convention center, the design will reverse the rooftop balcony, forming and growing on the east and north side, forming continuous greenery of rooftop balconies towards Guanshan Park. The top uses local stone, and enacts treatment including abstraction and pixilation of Guiyang's main Nanming River, which links up the main urban areas, forming a relief sculpture and lighting effect of the Nanming River on the facade of the stone. Double glazed curtain walls are used on the sides of the entrances to the first and second floors, using the window concept, forming a raised glass display box.

Design quintessence: the urban and rural planning exhibition hall is more than a physical container for city development history, and goes beyond a city spirit monument. With local features, the design aims to build the Urban and Rural Planning Exhibition Hall into a venue for real city culture and spirit, which actively becomes a part of urban public life with its publicity and openness, deeply interprets relations between people and city in diversified and mixed ways, and wisely exhibits the city’s inner character and spirit with featured and related languages.

Client: Guiyang Planning Bureau

Main function: planning exhibition

Land area:2.23h㎡

Total floor area: 27500㎡

Design/Completion time: 2009/2012