Huangshi Urban Comprehensive Hall

Facing Daye Lake, backing onto the emerging ecological new city, Huangshi Urban Comprehensive Hall is expected to be a belt linking Daye Lake ecosphere and the new city as well as a gateway opening to the outside world. And it is supposed to provide urban space for citizens, which integrates functions of exhibition, entertainment and recreation.

Huangshi Urban Comprehensive Hall is located in Daye Lake New District of Huangshi . Main function of the project includes exhibition and storage of archives. It is the first public building on the main development axis of the new district, which demonstrates the development tone set for the new district.

AUBE won the bidding in December of 2015. Construction started in April of 2016. After two years' construction, the project was completed in 2018. 

Design concept for Huangshi Urban Comprehensive Hall was originated from the Great Valley in Huangshi National Mine Park. The basic structure turns to face the future garden expo park and echo with the main hall. Meanwhile, the volume center is reduced for allocation of a planning museum and an archives hall on its both sides. This design is beneficial for independent management of the above two buildings, and keeps a complete and grand construction image.

Green natural energy gathers here. And an ecological community with a focus on commerce, office, dwelling and tourism comes into shape.

Considering the local environment and surrounding neighbors, designers leave a visual corridor for the Daye Lake and the ecological new town. A "window" is formed in the middle of the architectural body via a hollow structure. People can reach the public grey space plaza in the middle through guidance of terraces. The grey space plaza can be used for citizens' activities such as sightseeing, gathering, recreation and exhibition.

Client: Huangshi Planning Bureau

Main function: exhibition, archive storage

Total floor area: 27500㎡

Design/Completion time: 2015/2018