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Exhibition Notice: Le Corbusier Modern Architect Giant

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On 14 June, 2015, the 50th anniversary of death of Le Corbusier, the famous 20th century French architect, “Le Corbusier Modern Architect Giant” exhibition, which is organized by AUBE and co-organized by OCT Art and Design Gallery, will be held in OCT Art and Design Gallery in Shenzhen. The exhibition will last till 31 July. As one of the celebration series events of “10th Year Anniversary of China-France Cultural Spring in 2015” and “Ten Years of OCAT“, the exhibition will be the first one of Le Corbusier in Chinese Mainland. Apart from unique architectural design of Le Corbusier, the exhibition will also display more than 200 works of Le Corbusier including home design, thesis and drawings and statues of Le Corbusier, which are barely seen for Chinese audience. 


The audience can review the creation of Le Corbusier in his drawings and published articles, and moreover, the space design of the exhibition also echoes the creation of Le Corbusier and creates an atmosphere of Le Corbusier for the audience to view. The exhibition space is an interpretation of Le Corbusier in OCT Art and Design Gallery. As origin of the inner space of the exhibition, the design philosophy of the Villa Savoye and Convent of La Tourette, designed by Le Corbusier at his early stage, will come throughout the entire exhibition. The first floor of the exhibition will be built on stilts to restore public atmosphere of the two structures and a workshop will be established for audience to have a personal touch in the exhibition. The second floor of the exhibition hall displays Le Corbusier’s whole life and rich and varied creation through time. The third floor is a video space, where documentary films of Le Corbusier vividly reflects his creative life and work in this cozy and comfortable Le Corbusier style rooftop garden space. In addition, based on the image of Convent of La Tourette, the courtyard of the first and second floor will accommodate public speeches to present the ideal of “housing 100 hearts and 100 bodies in silence” (which is the request for the priest, the principal, when Le Corbusier was assigned of design of the Convent of La Tourette).


During the period of the exhibition, scholars from disciplines of design, art, literature and etc. will be invited to deliver speeches, forums and other activities around Le Corbusier’s architectural philosophy, city construction idea and art creation in his daily life. Throughout those activities, scholars and the audience will explore Le Corbusier in person and his arts in various dimensions.

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