New kinetic energy of urban development

Urban core function area with priority on ecological civilization, integration of industry and city, multi-dimensional development and impressive IP image.

With urban landscape structure as the public space basis of urban core function area, urban ecology foundation is established by connecting people and nature. It is important to design an urban functional group linking the whole area and anchoring the core industrial function and activities. And it is necessary to consider urban scale and proportion, and to shape featured urban space.

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Urban renewal area

Rationally increase usage efficiency of the existing space resources in the existing built-up areas and some built-up areas of the city, and comprehensively improve the quality the city.

Fully understand the new social needs, and comprehensively use urban design methods to provide solutions to important issues such as functional enhancement, environmental improvement and remodeling of urban stock space resources. Efforts are aimed at comprehensively improving city quality and reproducing urban values.。

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Cultural tourism zone

The project will be a cultural leisure destination which shows respect for local culture, creates venue spirit, creates venue spirit, offers all-for-one tourism service and meets demand from market and future.

After making a deep research on local culture, history, economic development and the land, AUBE aims to create a cultural tourism venue supported by the content of the venue with the integrated design concept of urban marketing, planning and multiple professional services. The venue will be a carrier for tourism resources and links for a larger area, and represents the development trend of all-for-one tourism. Then, it can better adapt to cultural tourism market and people's expectation.

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