High-rising residence/apartment

To give a solution to urban high-density housing, which integrates space of commerce, office, culture, residence and related service so as to shape the community culture.

Key to residence design is creating home experience. It is especially true to offer home experience in the high-density environment through precise design. It is important to make special house type, and more importantly to emphasize on combination of a complete public space and community culture.

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Urban culture architecture

In the great ranks of art , let the architecture showing the “principle of individuality” become a singer of " Being-in- the-world.

Completely break the "architectural" classification of "culture, sports, education", explore the various transformation of "essence of competition" in the prototype of " theatrical school", and truly reveal the "education function" of "architecture".

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Office/ industry architecture

Innovate supply in energy plus building and contribute to smart urban development.

People are core element and space is service. Combine land, enterprise, industry, environment and society to match the multi-layer needs of the whole life cycle of the main body, reliaze flexible design to adapt to the ever-changing production organization, create non-solidified serviece carriers, and stimulate innovation with creativity.

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