OCT Ecological Square

"Ecological Square" is AUBE's first integration work in China, which is a combination of landscape, planning and building. It is highly recommended. In the past, cultural atmosphere at Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) area was totally different from what you experience today. At that time, Happy Valley, Yanhan Mountain and Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University were separated from each other. Weeds were everywhere. Some 100-meter-high residential buildings nearby were named as "Hubin(湖滨)", "Lihai(荔海)" and "Huiwen (汇文)". Meaning of these Chinese names didn't seem to match the reality, but these buildings have been overlooking at this glade quietly for a long time.

Design concept

Combination in Landscape: Design focuses on both the south dimension and the north dimension. Green plants and blue sky interlace with each other. Design arranges scattered building volumes high and low with soft and hard materials. Men’s superb work becomes a part of nature.

Partition in planning: Design focuses on both the upper dimension and the lower dimension. People walk on the upper roads and cars run on the lower roads. AUBE designed the first ecological public garage in Shenzhen as an example of multiple land use, which is community-based and fully connected.

Folding in architecture: Design focuses on both the east dimension and the west dimension. The west side is closed while the east side is open. Average number of floors is two. Venues and interest can be found at turning or folding places.

AUBE office was moved to the square when it was completed in 2000. The flame trees have witnessed the passing of fifteen years and the square is becoming more and more vigorous. 

Feature of this special location is that although it’s separated from Happy Valley only by a wall, it can keep its own quietness which attracts a large group of people. The project shows disagreement for the ordinary definitions of "ecology" and "square", while it combines the two and brings them back to daily urban life. It protects the simple and real things in life, day after day, year after year. It is the venue for fishing, Tai Chi and group dance, and it also provides space for coffee, cuisine and wine. Lush woods are everywhere, where the elder and the young enjoy themselves in harmony. It takes ten years to grow trees into giant trees but a hundred years to educate people into cultivated men. When people live and work here, they will have a different understanding of Guy Debord's book “The Society of the Spectacle”.

The project is a vivid example for combination of public community and landscape park, of people’s activity and natural view, and of quietness and vigor.

Community activity venue, open space, natural park and supporting commerce have different space character and expressing ways. Through close connection with original landform and interpretation by people-friendly design, new space types are formed, and a mixed environment carrier for various activities is offered. In this way, the venue and the whole area are vitalized.

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Client: Shenzhen OCT Group

Main function: urban public ecological space

Land area: 46,000㎡

Total floor area: 3,500㎡

Design/Completion time: 1998/2000