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As a brand, Aube Conception is comprised of the following entities:

Aube Conception SARL d'Architecture France and its office in Shenzhen, PRC,

Shenzhen Aube Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd.


1.Aube Conception SARL d'Architecture France, founded on 21 April 1997 and addressed at No. 1, PRIMATICE St., 13th District, Paris, France, is a French-financed architectural design company regulated by legislations of EU and France. The co-founders of the company have all enjoyed decades of design experiences and profound influences in both the professional field and society. The company holds design qualifications of architecture, landscape and urban planning, covering EU and French-speaking nations and regions (eg. certain Asian, African, Latin and Arabic countries).


2.China Office of Aube Conception SARL d'Architecture France was established on 2 November 1998 in Shenzhen. Its staff includes chief representatives, representatives and long-time designers deployed by the French headquarters. Its office address is at OCT Ecological Plaza, Nanshan, Shenzhen, PRC. 


3.Shenzhen Aube Engineering Design Consultant Co., Ltd. (previously named Shenzhen Bo Yi Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd.) was founded on 18 May 1996 and officially joined AUBE in 2007. It has been conferred Grade A Certificate of Architectural Engineering Design, Grade B Certificate of Urban-Rural Planning Design ([Yue] Cheng Gui Bian Di No. 082047), and Grade B Certificate of Landscape Engineering Design (Certificate No. A244009516) by MOHURD (Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China). Moreover, it has been awarded the certification of national high and new technological enterprise as well as ISO9001 quality system.


AUBE is dedicated to creatively leading the industry and pursues excellent performances in various kinds of design. The company has accumulated 15 years of considerably rich experiences in the following areas: various public works including supertall offices, hotels, theaters, exhibitions & museums, sports venues, schools and urban complexes; urban design & community planning, all kinds of urban medium, high & super-high residences and suburban low-density residences; environmental landscaping planning and designs of important urban public spaces, residential communities, waterfront leisure zones, and integrated travelling & leisure development districts.


The brand relies itself upon platforms of design recourses and design management. Meanwhile its progress is also credited to its French co-founders and worldwide partners in succession. It is through winning important international design competitions and taking in carefully-chosen commissions that the brand has come thus far. In recent years AUBE has extended its businesses from the original Shenzhen to the country's large and medium-sized cities. It has also won many international competitions. 


As a design brand covering architecture, landscape and planning, AUBE is teamed up by more than 250 Chinese and foreign designers with exceptional design creativity and professional skills and know-hows of the Chinese market. They all possess multi-cultural backgrounds and professional experiences in multiple countries. By far they have participated and completed nearly 300 important design projects.


AUBE truly believes in its design philosophy of International Experiences, Local Practices & Design to Increase Value and strives to service its customers with international standards and professional services. Its humanistic and happy working culture is also deeply rooted within the company.


Design  Qualifications


EU and French-speaking countries and areas:

France Architect Association Registration S03644 with design qualifications covering planning, architecture and landscape.

île-de-france architect association registration 1454.



Grade A Certificate of Architectural Engineering Design A144009519

Grade B Certificate of Urban-Rural Planning Design ([Yue] Cheng Gui Bian Di No. 082047)

Grade B Certificate of Landscape Engineering Design (Certificate No. A244009516)

National New and Hi-tech Enterprises GR201244200410

ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification UKAS2011Q0405

Construction Engineering Design Insurance Policy No.: 62001121220120000003

Service Area

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