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AUBE Conception (AUBE) was established in Paris in 1997. As an international, leading and persistent professional company, AUBE is comprised of AUBE Conception SARL d’Architecture France together with its office in Shenzhen and Shenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd. For over 20 years, AUBE has adhered to the design concept of “international experience, local practice and adding value by design” and the mission of “providing clients professional service with international standard”. With the approach of “integrated design”, AUBE is committed to improving people’s living environment and life quality, and creating more value in art for city development.


As a comprehensive design brand of architecture, landscape and urban design, AUBE develops in following fields:

2 core products (core functional area of convention and exhibition project, urban complex)

3 featured products (architecture design, urban design and landscape design)

4 professional services (experimental design, BIM/VR/prefabrication, design management, and general contract for design)

5 strengths in architecture, planning, landscape, structure and M&E

In French, “Aube” means “the first light on the sky”, symbolizing “drawn, light and hope”.

On April 21, 1997, Aube Conception SARL d’Architecture (France) was established at No.1, Primatice street, the 13th arrondissement of Paris. As a French architecture design company, it is governed by EU and French laws and holds architecture, landscape and urban planning qualifications in EU and France. These qualifications are also effective in EU and French-speaking countries (some countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Arab region). On November 2, 1998, Aube Conception SARL d’Architecture (France) set an office at Shenzhen OCT Plaza. In 2007, Shenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd. officially joined AUBE.

Paris of France, an international metropolis of top culture and arts, and Shenzhen of China, an oriental pioneer city of reform and development, both inspire and nourish AUBE’s design and creation. So far, AUBE has participated and completed over 1500 key design projects. AUBE team is made of about 400 talents who area creative, professional and familiar with market both at home and abroad. With different cultural background, they have been nourished by different cultures and have international working experience. Among the team, there are over 70 people with doctor’s degree, over 50 people with overseas study experience, over 30 registered architects and structural engineers, over 20 senior engineers and over 20 foreign designers.



In our future plan,

the houses we built will be everyone's beloved scenery,

and become a part of history.



Practitioners of architecture,

have to keep an apologetic heart to stones.

Practitioners of planning,

have to keep a kind heart to human beings.

Practitioners of landscape,

have to keep a respecting heart to trees.

To certain extent,


the three Chinese characters,

might be equal to

the concepts of architecture——planning——landscape.



In 2019, AUBE as the only design contractor saw construction completion of Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center, which is the largest single convention and exhibition project in the world.

In 2018, AUBE won the bid to design Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is AUBE’s seventh signature design of core function area for convention and exhibition facility.

AUBE published design service for its nine product lines, which are dedicated to leading new development in design area.

In 2017, AUBE saw completion of Shenzhen Talent Park, China’s first park with a talent theme and a wide applause.

In 2015, AUBE hosted exhibition titled "Le Corbusier Modern Architect Giant”, bringing close to Chinese the master’s architecture art for the first time.

AUBE saw completion of its signature urban design works, Jiaochangwei renovation project, which was also Shenzhen’s first comprehensive urban renovation area.

In 2014, AUBE saw construction completion of CFC Changfu Center, becoming the first design institute in Shenzhen to complete independent design of high-rise building of above 300 meters.

In 2011, Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center won LEED Platinum Award, the first winner in Southwest China.

In 2009, AUBE won the bid to design Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. AUBE successfully applied the integrated working method it proposed to the project.

In 2007, AUBE acquired Grade A qualification for construction enterprise by means of M&A.

In 2006, AUBE saw completion of Phase one of The Peninsula, setting a new benchmark in luxury housing design.

In 2002, AUBE saw completion of Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center, its first signature design of core function area for convention and exhibition facility.

In 2000, AUBE saw completion of its first signature design, OCT Ecological Square, which has earned lasting reputation.

In 1998, AUBE came to Shenzhen, China.

In 1997, AUBE was established in Paris, France.  


Qualification in EU and French-speaking countries and areas

French Architect Association Registration S03644

With design qualifications covering planning, architecture and landscape design

Île-de-France Architect Association Registration 1454

Qualification in China

Grade A Certificate of Architectural Engineering Design A144009519

Grade B Cerificate of Urban-Rural Planning Design ([Yue] Cheng Gui Bian No. 142062

Grade A Certificate of Landscape Engineering Design (Certificate No. A144009519)

National High and New Technology Enterprise (Certificate No. GR201844200532)

ISO9001: 2015 Quality System Certification U0017Q0109R3M

Construction Engineering Design Insurance Policy No. 62001121220120000003

National High and New Technology Enterprise

ISO9001: 2015 Quality System Certification

Grade AAA Certificate of Enterprise Credit

Certificate for Foreign Engineering Contract

Construction Engineering Design Liability Insurance


Shenzhen Talent Park

WAF Shortlist 2018 Landscape of the Year

Suzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

WAF Finalist 2017 Culture - Future Projiects

Shenzhen Bay Inner Lake Park

Best Commercial Landscape Architecture of International Property Awards 2015

201 Tower

International Property Awards Asia Pacific 2015-Best Office Architecture China

CFC Changfu Center

International Property Award Asia Pacific 2015- Highly Commended Commercial High-rise Architecture China

Guiyang International ECO-Conference Center

LEED-New Construction Platinum



AUBE structure drawing assistant software          2017SR342210

AUBE calculation sheet automatic generator software      2017SR342202 

Three dimensional adaptive software of architectural curtain wall facade V1.0  2017SR409695